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Acne treatment laser

1450nm is highly absorbed by water and fat and proven good for acne and scar treatment. NEOBEAM is non-ablative 1450nm diode laser and emits laser that generates heat in the sebaceous glands and make it smaller to reduce the over-production of sebum.

FEATURES of Acne treatment laser, NEO BEAM
  • - Max 10mm Lens with 25W max power
    NEOBEAM can be mounted easily up to 10mm lens and automatically recognize lens. Max 10mm lens with 25W output helps fast treatment and less pain.

  • - Embedded DCD(Direct Cooling System)
    For safe treatment, DCD helps to delivery the energy to the sebaceous glands without damage on the outer layer of skin.

How To Work

  • Acne in Sebaceous Follicles

  • DCD system cools and
    protects the epidermis

  • NEO BEAM(1450nm) works
    on the Sebaceous Follicles

  • Lower damage on the epidermis and reduce Sebaceous Glands by thermal injury

NEO BEAM Handpiece & cooling system


Function Details
Wavelength 1450nm
Repetition Rate 1~10Hz
Pulse Duration 10~200ms (step:1ms)
Power Max 79.6J/㎠
Mode A : Stamping mode with DCD
T : Toning mode
Spot Sizes 6, 10mm
Dimensions(WxLxH) 400 X 500 X 1080mm
Weigh 46 Kg