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Co2 Medical Surgical Laser

UM-L25 is
as DC Excited Carbon Dioxide Gas Laser with 25w power, it is developed by Union Medical first in Korea. Its reliable quality has been proven by all over the world. Easy to adjust Power and friendly user interface can provide safe and comfortable laser treatment.

FEATURES of CO2 medical surgical laser, ULTRA 25 PLUS

  • Precise control & operation with short pulse duration

  • Self test, Calibration & diagnosis with Internal software system

  • Available to adjust AIMING BEAM luminosity(1~100% intensity control)

  • Slim and Refined design

  • No.1 market share in Korea and Japan


Function Details
Laser type Sealed-off DC-Excited Carbon Dioxide Gas Laser
Wavelength 10600nm
Power Normal: 0.1~25W
Super: 0.5~10W
Spot size 0.3mm
Mode Super / Single / Repeat / CW
Aiming 3mw diode laser
(1~100% Intensity control)
Dimensions(WxLxH) 940 X 400 X 400mm
Weight 20kg