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RF Fractional treatment, RF Fractional Microneedling

a non ablative and ablative treatment using Double Fractional RF Micro Needle technology. 2MHZ RF pulse places the energy effectively into the target that users want for producing collagen remodeling with 3 types needle tip.


2 in 1 Fractional RF Mode with 3 tips

  • EM Mode

  • DM Mode

  • ① DM (Non-insulated Needle)

    Gold plated needle up to 3.2mm depth of the dermis for complex indication

  • ② CDM (Insulated Needle)
  • ③ EM (Epidermis)

    Target to the epidermis for color correction with tiny needle, no bleeding and minimized downtim

FEATURES of RF Fractional treatment, MASTER X

  • Fast Needle insertion

    Fast Needle insertion reduce pain and inconvenience
  • Needle depth control

    Adjustable needle depth from 0 to 3.2mm for optional treatment
  • Gold plated needle

    which is
    • SINGLE

    • DOUBLE

    • TRIPLE

    • MULTI

    RF pulse time control

    Each ON & OFF Time can be controlled


Function Details
Type Double Fractional RF Micro needle
Frequency 2MHz
Power 30Watt
Operating mode DM : Single/ Double/Triple/ Multi
EM : Single / Repeat
Needle Gold plated 25pin, 0.25mm
DM : Sharp type, 3.2mm depth
EM : Blunt type, 0.25mm depth