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Ultrapulse co2 laser

COTO 30 is
an upgraded Co2 Surgical Laser. It has precise & tiny beam size, stable output and uniform energy for safe laser treatment.

FEATURES of Ultrapulse co2 laser, COTO 30

  • Maximum 30Watt

  • Green guide beam for user

  • Precise beam size

  • Stable output and uniform energy

  • Two types mode of EXPORT & GENERAL Mode for user’s convenience

  • Independent pre-setting button in case of touch screen trouble

  • Slim and compact design for efficient space use

  • Powerful air blow system integrated with Hand-piece


Function Details
Laser type 10600nm Co2 Surgical Laser
Wavelength 10600nm
Max energy Normal: 30W
Ultra: 10W
Mode General / Expert
Shot mode Single / Repeat / Continuous
(On time: 0.01~1.00 / Off time: 0.01~2.00 )
Dimensions(WxLxH) 338 X 300 X 855mm
Weight 26kg