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Union Medical Company
Medical Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer

Greeting of Medical Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer

We Union Medical is always close to your life.

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Medical Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer, Union Medical has been with you under our company motto to 'Union',
'Truth and Customer Satisfaction' for its inception in 1988.
We Union Medical is always close to your life.

We specialized in manufacturing Medical & Cosmetic devices and our products are widely used in all over the world.
Based on advanced technology and extensive experience in Medical & Cosmetic field, Union Medical developed
various and good quality products to meet our customer`s needs rather than grand scale units,
we`ve been focused on developing the products in accordance with our customer`s needs.

For the past years since our foundation in 1988, Union Medical has consistently pursued 'professionalism'
as a core strategy in corporate goals. It is our firm belief to survive and to prosper in the rapidly changing market environment
in the 21st century, becoming the reliable company in our field is the only way to successful. Having in mind that all matters should be
considered from customer`s viewpoints, we would continuously invest our energy to satisfy our customers.

We will continue to do our best in the area of Research & development and establish a reputation
as being a reliable and trustworthy company in the global market.

CEO Kim Chun youngsign