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Face lifting device, Drug delivery device

momentarily injects the solution into the dermis without using a needle by high-pressure pneumatic delivery system. The delivered solution generates 3D Subcision in the dermal layer and dermal remodeling begins.

Clinical Study

Histological features following injection using the high-pressure delivery system. Vacuoles that consist of the delivered fluid are indicated by arrows.

A higher pressure (4.6 bar) results in numerous vacuoles and prominent widening of spaces between collagen fibers in the deep dermis

FEATURES of Face lifting device, AIRJETⅡ

  • Faster speed, shortening procedure time

    AIRJETⅡ has improved the speed of drug injection per minute, reducing the procedure time required per patient.
  • Low noise design

    Superior technology reduces noise and allows users and patients to use it comfortably.
  • Elevated Filling Level

    AIRJETⅡ provides expanded Filling Level and users can use more viscous drugs for treatment.

AIRJETⅡ Handpiece – Ergonomic designed handpiece

- Upgraded Handpiece structure can deliver drugs reliably to the target region
- Built-in LCD monitor in the handpiece for checking total shot count

How To Work

  • 01. Ready with enough air and molecules

  • 02. PNEUMATIC SPRAY by Hydro-dynamic & kinetic energy



Function Details
Model Pneumatic Jet System
Syringe size 10cc
Panel 10.4inch, Digital touch screen
Dimensions(WxLxH) 400x520x1400mm
Weight 40Kg